Thursday, October 7, 2010

Livestock 2010 | The Almost | Serving His Children

I havent posted in forever, mainly ive been super busy. i have some new things coming up in my life that will be amazing!!! But I have this blog mainly for my art so here an update, three posters Livestock Festival that is happening at my house in a week and a half, The Almost show at the Warehouse and Serving His Childrens fundraiser at City Church!




Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amity | The Plural Form of Everything

Amity | The Plural Form of Everything

My band Amity's first ep is set to come out Saturday May 29th at the Warehouse in East Ridge Tn. Im very excited about people getting to hear this album. My band mates and worked very hard on perfecting this music to our liking. I feel that this is my most proud musical productions I've ever been a part of, the sound that we created was totally from our hearts and flowed out of us very naturally. It is fast, intence, slow, powerful, loud, quiet and ambient (as Megan would say is my favorite word) to say the least.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fallen Ghost Inside The Dream + Abbey

Warehouse + 2010-02-03


I hope to have this for sale online soon as a three print set.

True Stories

So the othe day i was hang ing out with Zak, Macy and Magen, playing FIFA on Xbox, when we decided to watch a movie. While Zak, Magen and I were outside Macy picked this movie "True Stories" from 1986 with John Goodman also starring and directed by David Byrne, the lead singer of "Talking Heads". I never really listened to them really before but the entire soundtrack was by them, which was awesome. And then out of nowhere my mind was blown, one scene in the movie John Goodmans charecter is going into a club and a band is playing, the lead singer is singing a song with these lyrics:

Baby your mind is a radio
Got a reciever inside my head
Baby I'm tuned to your wavelength
Lemme tell you what it says:

Oh! Picking up something good
Hey, radio head!
The sound...Of a brand-new world.

So look at my fingers vibrate
>From their tip down down to my toes
Now I'm recieving your signal
We're gonna leave the land of noise

Oh! Picking up something good
Hey, radio head!
The sound...Of a brand-new world.

Oh! Picking up something good
Hey, radio head!
The sound...Of a brand-new world.

Now you and I have no secrets
Now baby, lemme read your mind
I hear ev'rything you're thinking
You can't help the way you sound

Picking up something good.
Hey! Radio head!
The sound...Of a brand-new world

Oh! Radio Head
Radio Head
Radio Head
Radio Head

Ya, i freaked out. This is totally where Radiohead got their name!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

moon man + tiger teeth

2010-01-22 Warehouse

2010-01-26 Warehouse

A couple of posters for upcoming January Shows at the Warehouse.

Im becoming obsessed with fantasy art lately, I actually juat got done watching Jim Henson's Dark Crystal, so inspiring! And as always 60's and 70's art blows my mind. I found a couple of movie poster books at McKays the other day, one was 60' and one was 70's. Im definently going back to get them.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ambush the Chariot

2010-01-08 - AMBUSH


These are just a couple posters for upcoming shows at The Warehouse. The Ambush flyer is an illustration i scanned in out of a Disney Encylopedia I bought at a yard sale a few weeks ago with my friend Isabelle. Aslo my band Amity is playing that show.

Friday, December 11, 2009



Messing around with photoshop last night, was supposed to be working on something else, and this just happened.

When I first started graphic design it was more about the grundge look. I was really into using other peoples brushes and what not. Then i learned how to make my own brushes, i scanned in all sorts of things like spray paint, old pictures, etc. Then i moved on to lighting, i love love messing with layers and their properties.

Anyways, saying all that. Lately I've been thinking about the basics and the past and where I've been and what I've done. And I wanted to start doing art like I used to. just spontaneous and crazy.

Things I love and inspire my art: Wood and Trees, Spray paint, Light, Vintage, Splatter, Color, The 1970's, Outer Space, Old Children's Books, The Woods, Music... and so much more.